Derecho Inmobiliario

Real State Law & Urban Planning

- Buying and selling of real estate and real estate companies.
- Urban and rustic leases.
- Horizontal property.
- Urban management and discipline.
- Licenses.

Derecho Civil

Civil Law

- Wills and inheritances.
- Debt claim.
- Obligations and contracts.
- Balearic Foral Law.

Derecho Laboral

Labor Law

- Claims for dismissal.
- Claims for quantity.
- Drafting of dismissal letters, sanctions, etc.
- Challenge of resolutions of social security, labor inspection, etc.

Commercial Law

- Constitution of mercantile companies.
- Buying and selling of shares and participations.
- Convocation and attendance at Member Meetings.

Derecho Bancario

Banking Law

- Floor clause.
- Multicurrency.
- Mortgage formalization expenses.

Civil and Commercial Mediation

Alternative way of conflict resolution where, with the intervention of a neutral and impartial professional who facilitates dialogue between the parties, they adopt their own agreements allowing the subsequent maintenance of relationships and final control over their conflict.